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Zendesk is a customer service software platform known for its intuitive interface, scalability, and comprehensive support solutions.

How to connect Zendesk with parcelLab?

To seamlessly integrate parcelLab and Zendesk, enhancing your customer service experience, simply follow these straightforward steps for a quick and efficient setup.


Admin Status: Ensure that the employee responsible for installation has admin status in Zendesk.


Download and Install: Download and install the parcelLab app from the Zendesk Marketplace.


Configuration: Input the parcelLab user ID (found in the customer account on the parcelLab portal) during configuration. Decide whether customers should enter their tracking number via a Zendesk ticket field (to be stored in the support ticket) or if support staff should enter it via a form field.


Finalize Settings: Save the settings to make the app operational from the Zendesk screen.


What is the integration used for?

The Zendesk <> parcelLab integration revolutionizes customer service by offering a unified view of order and return information. This integration elevates agent productivity and customer satisfaction, streamlining delivery-related query resolutions. It seamlessly fits into existing Zendesk workflows, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs, making it an essential tool for modern customer support.

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Zendesk <> parcelLab integration overview

The integration of parcelLab with Zendesk improves customer service by streamlining access to order and delivery information. This seamless integration enhances agent efficiency and customer satisfaction, offering a comprehensive solution for managing delivery-related queries.

  • Unified Information Access: This feature offers agents a single portal for all order and return info, eliminating the need to switch between systems and saving time.
  • Enhanced Productivity: The integration speeds up delivery-related query resolutions, enabling quicker, more effective agent responses and streamlining customer service.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Prompt, accurate responses to inquiries enhance customer satisfaction through quicker resolutions and better communication.
  • Operational Efficiency: Simplifying customer service tasks, this integration reduces workload, stress, and costs, while improving resource utilization.


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