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Returns Service

Empower your customer center to solve inbound WISMR inquiries more effectively and improve the returns experience for your customers.

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Returns Service Portal

Returns Service Impact

Fewer WISMR Inquiries

With proactive returns updates

Minute Reduction in Call-Handling Time

By leveraging an intuitive self-service portal

Returns Service Use Cases



Resolve WISMR Inquiries Fast and Proactively

Before parcelLab, this luxury fashion retailer required customers to return their items through a specific carrier. If they dropped their package off at a different carrier, customer service would lose all visibility over where the package was.


With Returns Service, this brand’s agents gained insight into necessary carrier scan information which enables them to reach out to customers proactively, resolve inquiries more quickly, and provide a better experience.

Customer service return portal with insights into customer orders.

Reduce Call Handling Times

Customer service agents at this global furniture retailer previously lacked visibility into their customer returns when using their internally built solution.


With parcelLab, agents have full access to all shipments, their status, and all communications shared with their shoppers, reducing call handling time by 2 minutes on average and vastly improving the overall customer experience.

Shipping information from different carriers

Improve the Customer Experience with Empowered Agents

At this global consumer products company, agents lacked visibility into the returns process because of using a vendor that took their customers away from their website for tracking.


After implementing parcelLab’s Return Service, this brand’s agents not only have visibility once a customer registers their return, but also they can leverage an intuitive self-service portal in order to provide a superior customer experience. By leveraging customizable eligibility rules, agents have ultimate override permissions so they can register returns for “non-refundable” items or if the return is beyond the shopper’s normal returns period.

Customer Service has insight into order information and shipment details.

Customer Service App Integrations

In order to streamline customer service processes, parcelLab’s solutions integrate with both Zendesk and Salesforce Service Cloud so customer support representatives can work with the tools they are most familiar with while gaining access to critical post-purchase information about their end customers.



Gain faster and easier access to order numbers, addresses, tracking, carrier details, and more next to support tickets to increase productivity and improve the customer experience.



Salesforce Service Cloud


Reduce average handling time by empowering customer service teams with order tracking, multi-package shipments, delivery, buying history, and communication information in one simplified view.

Salesforce and Zendesk Customer Service Integration


Customer Service Portal

Customer Service Portal

Empower Agents with full visibility and elevated returns permissions.

Watchlists & Alerts

Customer Service Email Alerts

Set up watchlists and alerts to automatically create and resolve returns tickets.

Single Sign On

Simple and secure access to parcelLab's customer service and reporting portal for unlimited users.

Reporting & Analytics

Full visibility of carrier SLAs, historical performance, customer promise attainment and more with Power BI data visualization.

API & Standard Webhooks

On-demand or event-based access to all tracking information, statuses, and communication triggers.

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