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How can you implement ecommerce tracking updates?

Published on: August 18, 2023

Updated: November 20, 2023

Ecommerce tracking updates can be implemented within a branded tracking page on a retailer’s website. This page would use a customer’s name and tracking number to pull in near real-time information about their orders. It should be thought of as a personal dashboard of information for each customer so that they can track the status of their purchase whenever and wherever they’d like. This is a main capability of a post-purchase experience software.

With parcelLab, creating this tracking page that provides order status updates requires minimal effort on a retailer’s part. The retailer would only need to configure the order and tracking data exchange and provide parcelLab with access credentials to its carriers or third-party logistics providers (3PLs). Setting up, testing, and going live can be completed in a few short weeks. Because getting the right data to the right place at the right time is critical to delivering a personalized and efficient experience that saves you real money on service costs.

Where can customers receive order tracking updates?

ecommerce order updates on a tracking page

With the proper APIs and data connection options, retailers unlock the ability to deliver all the information customers want via their preferred channels. Retailers can allow for customers to sign up for SMS alerts through the order tracking page or help customers find order tracking information in the brand’s “my account” page, through an app, or through integration with a chat bot. Depending on the customer’s preference, they can receive updates whenever and wherever they want.

What are the benefits of implementing ecommerce order tracking updates within a retailer’s tracking page?

benefits of implementing ecommerce tracking order updates

Not only is it necessary to meet ever increasing customer expectations when designing an order tracking page, but it’s critical that customer service agents also leverage this page for the latest status information when customers call for support. In some cases, a detailed order tracking page will decrease the number of “where is my order” (WISMO) calls, so customer service agents can spend time on more complex problems.

With the right data, retailers can also proactively handle more complex deliveries, like showing a combined view for split shipments on the order status page. So, customers will know what’s in each package and when it will arrive, reducing inquiries and improving customer experience.

Another key benefit is that it enables brands to add targeted personalized and hyper-relevant content within these updates, which improves open and click-through rates and drives repeat purchases. Retailers can suggest accessories, add-ons, and other products related to the order or customer purchase history to boost follow-on purchases and increase customer lifetime value. Retailers using personalized recommendations on their order status pages and in proactive notifications have been able to achieve a 19% revenue increase.

Along with adding personalized and relevant content, this is a brand’s chance to amplify any marketing campaigns when customers are highly engaged. With the proper post-purchase software provider, retailers can connect their order tracking page with their content management system to save even more time. It’s a great space to showcase current celebrity, back-to-school, seasonal, or holiday campaigns for improved engagement. Retailers can even present exclusive access, sneak peeks, discount codes, and other incentives to increase and accelerate re-purchases.

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