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What is parcel tracking automation?

Published on: August 18, 2023

Updated: November 20, 2023

Parcel tracking automation is the process in which customers can receive real-time, personalized delivery updates about their parcel (or package) from the retailer. These tracking messages can also take customers back to an order status page, so they can find more details about their parcel. There are different ways a retailer can provide these updates which include email, text message, or push notifications.

Not only does this provide customers with reassurance that their parcels are on the way, it also provides retailers with multiple chances to communicate with customers during the last mile process. It is particularly important in building trust with customers who request express mail and insist on getting their parcels delivered quickly.

What are the benefits of parcel tracking automation?

benefits of parcel tracking automation

When customers are waiting for a parcel, most check tracking information on a consistent basis. That is why it comes as no surprise that emails about parcels get opened eight times more than regular emails. More and more retailers are adopting a post-purchase experience platform so they can brand and take advantage of the marketing opportunity that comes with it.

Of course, there are different ways that shoppers can receive parcel tracking information. Emails provide the most room to experiment with personalization, segmentation, and pushing the different marketing campaigns a retailer may be running. As your buyers become more invested in the safe delivery of their parcels, your parcel tracking emails will be there to provide them with the information they want. It is the perfect time to build brand loyalty and promote repeat purchases when customers are most engaged.

Retailers also see a decrease in “where is my order” (WISMO) inquiries because customers are more likely to open emails from the retailer directly, especially with the increase in scam emails from certain carriers. This type of automation allows retailers to send messages during certain time periods when they commonly get contacted for WISMO as well as the opportunity to provide information when there are delays. The more customers are informed on the process, the less likely they are to reach out to customer service which frees up customer service to handle more complex tasks.

How can retailers implement parcel tracking automation?

how can retailers implement parcel tracking automation

Retailers should look for parcel tracking automation as a key capability when choosing a post-purchase experience platform. These platforms help gather, analyze, clean, and harmonize all the complex operational data from the customer journey. This includes data from dispatch, delivery, returns, and more.

By leveraging a post-purchase experience platform that has automated parcel tracking, retailers can customize the updates and information they share with customers and add relevant personalized details. Additionally, these platforms should empower retailers to promote cross and upsell opportunities such as recommending related products, services, or updates based on what a customer has already ordered. These platforms can get more in the weeds depending on the retailer’s needs. A helpful post-purchase platform also lets the retailer pick if they would like to put other information such as weather forecast, opening hours, or traffic updates that affect when and how a parcel is delivered.

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